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After spending a few hours under the scorching sun rays in her backyard, brunette goddess Natasha Belle needs to somehow release or at least cool off the vast amount of solar heat her sensual body has accumulated.

Wearing sexy blue panties and a tight blue top, matching the color of her eyes, she enters the bathroom. There, she removes the light sleeveless shirt, thus revealing her lustful perky tits, and walks her way into the shower cabin with her pretty bare feet.

She lets the water flow, but retracts to the window and casting lustful looks through its already steamy glass, starts softly rubbing herself against its wet surface. At first, it looks as if she is wiping it with her hands, but she is actually stroking it, inviting you to join her under the shower.

In the rhythm of the water falling, the girl shakes and twists her voluptuous young body in slow, dancelike moves, exposing, squeezing and delicately fondling her perfect firm breasts.

Every now and then, she turns around to show her alluring tight butt, yet only teasingly, as it is still covered by the panties. After a few more swings, she eventually pulls them down her slim legs, revealing the uninhibited excellence of her naked ass and freshly trimmed pussy.

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Natasha Belle

Cute Babe Natasha Reveals Her Perky Tits

Cute Babe Natasha Reveals Her Perky Tits

Naughty by nature, cute babe Natasha can’t stand the heat even when being inside her air-conditioned apartment (probably because it comes from within). Her tiny black top quickly starts to become such an unbearable barrier between her and her arising desire, that she starts stretching it, touching her breasts with the tips of her gentle fingers.

This of course can’t last long, as the brunette’s perky tits are crying for freedom and attention. That is why, instinctively, she pulls the fabric of her black cotton top aside and sets them free, revealing their already hard nipples.

Naughty Brunette Babe Takes Her Top OffFoxy Vixen Playing with Her BoobsNatasha Belle Hiding Her Shaved Pussy

Then she notices the mirror on the wall just opposite of where she is standing in her gorgeous semi-nakedness…She loves her tits, she loves to show them, she loves to see them. Tired of stretching and pulling the black piece of cloth, she completely removes it. There she stands, holding her young bare breasts with one hand, posing for her own self, delightfully reflected by the mirror.

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The view drives her even hotter, wetter, more wanting. Her vibrating pussy is already on fire, and she is simply forced to get rid of her short pants as well. Fully nude, she slowly slides her hand down the burning delta of Venus.

Natasha Belle

Wild Natasha Belle Undressing Outside

Wild Natasha Belle Undressing Outside

Lovely Natasha Belle is that type of girl that constantly needs to provoke attention and prove the accidental eyewitness, be it the neighbors, a passerby or her internet fans, how generous nature has been to her. So, spending the warm day half-naked in the backyard is among her most pleasurable activities.

Today, we have her sitting outsides, on her light blue sofa, wearing only a tight navy blue top, black shorts and high heels – a view, breathtaking enough. Nevertheless, the seductress won’t show us any mercy and will go on blowing our minds in a slow, testosterone-generating undressing session.

First, she lies on her back, giving us the blue of her eyes and the pink of her already hardened puffy nipples above the top, that she unashamedly pulls down and aside.

While we are wondering, if it has been true or a game of imagination, she first presents us a glimpse of her stunning, firm ass cheeks underneath her shorts and then completely removes the top and sits before us with her glorious, natural boobs, covered only by a black bra.

Her playful look keeps its erotic promise – in a minute, the bra is also away and we gasp in amazement at the heavenly sight of her holding a bare breast with one hand and playing with her raven hair with the other.

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